April 8, 2020

What Does CS2 Le And Other Rankings Mean

By Drew Coleman

The Counter-Strike 2 was released on 21 August 2012. Soon after its release, gamers around the world began playing it for countless hours. The game offers nine different gaming modes ranging from competitive mode to casual mode and deathmatch. Players can also earn new ranks through winning matches and earning required EXP points.

The game provides in total 18 different badges including both easy and hard-earned badges. The list of badges starts from Silver I which is the easiest one and ends with CS2 LE and Legendary Eagle and Supreme Master First Class.

The first six ranks are referred to as the low group followed by Gold Nova ranks which are low middle, The Master Guardian ranks are called strong middle and the last four ranks are called the elite group.

How to earn ranks

CS2 gamers take pleasure in their badges since they are precious rewards for playing a long duration.

  1. If the gamer is a new player of Counter-Strike, then their account will be restricted to two wins per day only. This restriction on winnings will continue until the player reaches the 10th level where they will achieve their first rank of Silver I. The limitation of winnings also helps the game’s ranking system to gauge your level.
  2. After achieving Silver I, the gamers are assigned to any one of the eighteen skill groups. Moreover, the limitation on per day winnings also ends and they are able to play and win as much as they want.
  3. Your ranks will be adjusted at the end of every match which is based on your defeats and winnings. Also, they will be assigned lower or higher groups based on their ranks.
  4. If the players decide to not continue playing then their skill groups will disappear after a few days.

The CSGOStats is an analysis website that provides an almost precise percentage of the active players at each rank level. Unsurprisingly, only three to four percent of the total CS2 gaming population manages to achieve ranks such as The Global Elite, Legendary Eagle Master and cs2 le.

Although some gamers believe that the basis of ranks is EXP points and not a gamer’s true potential or calibre that does not make sense, the ranking system is an integral part of this game. Other gamers argue that each ranking level pinpoints a gamer’s skill and expertise because it is not easy to win every match. The climb from Silver I to Gold Nova and then The Global Elite is not an overnight achievement and gamers strive hard to accomplish them.

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